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Rome Resources Ltd. is a Canadian based mining and mineral exploration company. The company’s exploration is focused on silver-copper-gold-tungsten greisen/porphyry, and gold-silver bulk mineable properties in Mexico and Argentina. Both these countries support mining. Mexico, in particular, has a rich mining history, and has strong governmental and local support for mine development. The company is exploring more than 77,000 hectares of properties, all of which are 100 percent owned by Rome. Please click on “Projects” and “Quick Report” for more detail.


Rome's Mexican exploration is concentrated on the exploration and development of: (i) the Inguaran Valley Copper-Silver-Gold-Tungsten Porphyry Project [6,928 ha] in Michoacan State (ii) the Don Luis Silver-Gold-Tungsten Greisen-Porphyry Project [27,731 ha] in Sonora State, (iii) the Los Muertos Bulk Silver-Gold Property [2,636 ha], and  (iv) the La Colorada Bulk Gold-Silver Project [27,461 ha] in Sonora State. (In the index map of Mexico, above, Michoacan State is the southern star and Sonora State is the northern star.) The Inguaran Valley Copper-Silver-Gold-Tungsten Porphyry Project has 100+ million tonne open-pit potential at typical porphyry copper grades. The Don Luis Greisen-Porphyry Tungsten-Gold Deposit, following geophysical and geochemical surveys and recent diamond and reverse circulation drilling, has three mineralized zones: West, Central and East. The West Zone, where exploration is the most advanced, has targeted potential of about 100 million tonnes of 15+ grams per tonne of silver equivalent (silver plus gold at 40:1) with significant additional values in tungsten, molybdenum, bismuth and lead. The  La Colorada Bulk Gold-Silver Project surrounds the large La Colorada open-pit heap-leach gold mine that is currently being reactivated.  Two grids, Esmeralda and LCL-5 host significant targets. Esmeralda has three gold belts defined by gold geochemistry. The LCL-5 Grid has a 10 kilometer long gold anomaly within which gold greater than 500 ppb defines three zones (West, Central and East) that are drill-ready. The Los Muertos Bulk Silver-Gold Property has induced polarization and geochemical anomalies that define drill-ready targets for silver-gold veins, larger Carlin or disseminated and/or manto types of silver-gold mineralization.

Rome's Argentina exploration  [total 8,365 ha] is on the Varvarco Gold-Silver Vein and Gold-Porphyry Project [12,636 ha] in Neuquen Province (western star in Argentina on index map). It has drill ready targets that include: (i) VLF geophysical anomalies with coincident geochemical anomalies over the Santos Gold Vein System, and (ii) silicified bodies of hydrothermal breccia at Auque Breccia that are associated with gold geochemical anomalies and induced polarization chargeability anomalies. Exploration targets are gold-sulfide veins and bulk-mineable gold + copper + molybdenum + silver mineralization of porphyry style prospects.

In conclusion, Rome has a large property base on which to explore. All properties host significant prospects of commodities that are increasingly sought after and valuable, including: copper, tungsten, gold and silver. The properties have drill-ready targets defined by geology, geochemistry and geophysics. Drilling to establish reserves is a priority and extensive, ongoing drilling will be facilitated by the company owned Prospector II Reverse Circulation drill..

Rome's Senior management comprises a strong financial, administrative and technical team and an experienced group of mining industry professionals. They have an exceptional history of exploration involvement. Please click on “Corporate” for details.

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